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Saturday, December 11th, 2004
8:48 pm
hellakatie624: so i'm gonna start asking people out at my work
hellakatie624: there's a couple of cute guys that are regulars
liZamophone: dude
liZamophone: you should
liZamophone: that's a perk of the job
hellakatie624: i think i'm desperate enough to start spitting game
liZamophone: yeah, go for it
hellakatie624: i put extra cheese on this one guy's salad today
hellakatie624: that's my way of saying "you're cute i like you wanna go out with me?"

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8:32 pm - "ummmmmmm, is batman crying?"
liZamophone: dude, i totally love julia's away message

weird kid in katie's drug class: "can i draw batman on your paper?"
katie: "umm okay :/"
weird kid: "there!"
katie: "umm is batman crying??"
weird kid: "no thats blood, he just finished fighting the joker!"

liZamophone: funniest.
hellakatie624: hahah
hellakatie624: i know
hellakatie624: and it really happened
liZamophone: along with, "katie: would you like some candy? / julia: i smell pee on you."
hellakatie624: !
liZamophone): hahahahahaa i know
liZamophone: sooo funny
liZamophone: i like the :/
hellakatie624: that kid was fucking weird
liZamophone): hahahahha
hellakatie624: so random, dude
liZamophone: he sounds like he's in 6th grade
liZamophone: that's like elementary-school-styles. nice flirting, dude.
hellakatie624: i think he really just wanted to draw batman
hellakatie624: who am i to hold him back

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
5:37 pm - oh little sister.
hellakatie624: what if me and you took the williams sisters on
liZamophone: we would lose
hellakatie624: except, we have bats
liZamophone: oh, we'd totally win
hellakatie624: dude, for sure.
hellakatie624: i call serena
hellakatie624: that bitch
hellakatie624: her ass is mine!
liZamophone: i'll clean up whatever you don't go for
liZamophone: we'll teach them a lesson
hellakatie624: and we could have like a high five thing that we do
hellakatie624: after we regulate
liZamophone: and maybe a catchphrase
liZamophone: like..."carter sisters 45, williams sisters love!"
liZamophone: "SUCKAHS!!"

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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
9:57 pm - just to have something on the board..
1. using band names, spell out your name:

E lvis Costello
L ed Zeppelin
I mperial Teen
Z ion I
A l Green
B lur
E tta James
T alking Heads
H ot Hot Heat

C oldplay
A nimals
R ancid
T om Waits
E ric B & Rakim
R ed Hot Chili Peppers

2. have you ever had a song written about you? by a friend, yes. never a whole song.

3. what song makes you cry? "everybody here wants you" and almost everything else by jeff buckley. "this must be the place," the talking heads. "inner city blues," marvin gaye. "let you down," dave matthews band. "i only have eyes for you," the flamingos. "protection," massive attack.

4. what song makes you happy? all of the above. anything by the aquabats. most anything by led zeppelin. everything by souls of mischief, especially "93 til infinity." stuff i listened to in middle school, like soul 4 real. that bit in the middle of "round here" by the counting crows.

5. what do you like to listen to before bed? "let you down," dave matthews. "i only have eyes for you," the flamingos. "la cienega just smiled," ryan adams. "perfect blue buildings," counting crows.

a p p e a r a n c e

height: 5'4
hair color: light to dark brown, sometimes with some lighter colors.
skin color: relatively pale with pink/blue undertones; brown face with lots of freckles right now from surfing without sunblock
eye color: bright blue
piercings: 7 or 8 in my ears, used to have my left eyebrow pierced
tattoos: none yet; someday.

r i g h t n o w

what color pants are you wearing?: dark blue jeans
what are you listening to?: an excellent mixtape i made ["protection" - massive attack; "step to my girl" - souls of mischief; "umi says" - mos def; "i have seen" - zero 7; "what does your soul look like, pt. 4" - dj shadow; "bernadette" - the funk brothers; "inner city blues" - marvin gaye; "furious angels" - rob dougan; "you should be here" - raphael saadiq; "are you in" - incubus; "destiny" - zero 7]
what taste is in your mouth?: cigarettes, sour from the soda i had awhile ago
what's the weather like?: dark. it's night. a deep blue disney-lookin' sky
how are you?: okay
get motion sickness?: yes
have a bad habit?: oh, of course. biting my nails, smoking, drinking too much, staying up too late for no good reason, not doing homework, sleeping in too late to go surfing
get along with your parents?: yes, although it gets tough if i live with them for extended amounts of time
like to drive?: i love it
conditioner: sure...air conditioner? hair conditioner? what?
book: "beloved" by toni morrison for class, "going to meet the man" by james baldwin for myself, and i just finished and loved "lullaby" by chuck palahniuk
non alcoholic drink: diet coke, no contest.
alcoholic drink: gin and tonic or white russians
thing to do on the weekend: get drunk. spend as much time as possible with the people i like at the time. surf. snowboard if possible.

h a v e y o u

broken the law: yes
ran away from home: no
snuck out of the house: hm...not really. my parents never really cared.
ever gone skinny dipping: no
made a prank phone call: yes, but i'm not good at them. i'm not a very good actress.
ever tipped over a porta potty: nah, and i doubt i'd ever want to. too dangerous.
used your parents' credit card before: not without their permission - c'mon, it all shows up on the statement.
skipped school before: it's pretty much my life at this point, though i rarely skipped in high school.
fell asleep in the shower/bath: no
been in a school play: no. i tried out once in elementary school but quit in disgust when i didn't get as big a part as i thought i deserved...hah.

l o v e

girlfriend: nope, no boyfriend either.
sexuality: straight, thus ruling out the above question.
children: god no.
current crush: yes...i usually have one, even if i keep it locked up in the back of my head.
been in love: no, not fully. been halfway there and well on my way before, though.
had a hard time getting over someone: yes. still. it sucks, dude.
your greatest regret: don't think i have just one...or any that are huge, either.
gone out with someone you only knew for three days: gone out with, no. made out with, sure. who hasn't, it's college.

r a n d o m

do you have a job: yes, at one of the more lovely places in the world - the only independant film house on the central coast of california, the palm theatre. possibly the only constant in my life over the past year and a half, the most stable thing i have, and something i never get sick of.
your cd player has in it right now: speakerboxxx, outkast
if you were a crayon what color would you be?: indigo, maybe
what makes you happy: a really great party with all the people i love there and drinking and happy
who makes you happiest: dunno. drugs? having someone to sit on my front porch and have a cigarette with me, someone i actually want there, etc etc etc.
what's the next cd you're gonna get?: hopefully "93 til infinity" by souls of mischief. it's been on my list FOR-EV-ER because i've been too broke to buy cds for about a year now.

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t

time you cried: i'd bet yesterday, but maybe it was a few days ago.
you got a real letter?: uh.
you got e-mail: all the time. probably 20 minutes ago.
thing you purchased: my portfolio is mostly tied up in shelter and food...let's see, i bought something to eat earlier today.
tv program you watched: friends
movie you saw in the theater: house of sand and fog, billabong odyssey, in america, parts of 21 grams and mystic river

y o u r t h o u g h t s o n

abortion: pro-life but ultimately pro-choice
teenage smoking: sure, do what you want.

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2001
4:30 pm
wow. it's been awhile, huh kids?

my computer crashed at the beginning of november...just like it did last year. entirely new hard drive. i hate this machine sometimes.

so it's finals week, and i have one left - tomorrow at one o' clock. stressful stuff, but i'm okay. friday'll be fun, i'm trying to hang out with everyone i know before we all go home for the break.

hmmm...there's probably no one out there anymore.

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2001
11:10 am
yaaaaay it's my birthday

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Friday, November 2nd, 2001
3:32 pm
holy hell i'm done with my horrible week...i just took my last midterm.

tomorrow is my birthday.

i hardly have any homework for the weekend.

tomorrow is my birthday.

i get to RELAX...i don't even remember what it's like, not to have things in the back of my head weighing on me.


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Thursday, November 1st, 2001
5:56 pm
oh yes, we saw tenacious d last night. it was completely worth driving 4 1/2 hours to san francisco, going practically straight to the concert, going back to my house and passing out for 3 hours of sleep, then getting up at 4:30 in the morning and driving back to san luis obispo to take a fucking history test that's worth half my grade. the d was awesome and i nailed the test. life is pretty good.

i practically would have done all that shit just to see kg in his little white shoes and black whatever-the-hell-that-was halloween costume. nastyman? something like that. also would've done it just to see jb racing around the stage like a ritalin-deprived 10 year old.

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Thursday, October 25th, 2001
7:52 pm
i cannot do this. i cannot deal with my fucking life right now, it SUCKS. i'm on the verge of a breakdown of some kind, i swear to god.

- CSC 234, C & UNIX Programming: 2 highly un-readable chapters to go through, a quiz next tuesday, an entire program to write before next tuesday...the trick here is understanding this shit, and C programming is so far over my head that it isn't even funny - the teacher is HORRIBLE.

- HIST 214, History/Economy of Latin America and the Middle East: HUGE midterm at 9 in the morning next thursday, the day after the tenacious d concert in san francisco - that's right, we're going to have to leave at 4 in the morning to drive back to san luis obispo. this is on everything we've covered so far; she gave us about FORTY FIVE possible essay questions, and we'll get two on the test itself - i have to write for 50 minutes on two fucking questions, so i have to be incredibly prepared for each possible question.

- ENGL 251, Great Books [Classical]: midterm next friday, covering all 6 weeks of class, ie all of the iliad and the odyssey.

- ENGL 145, Argumentative Writing: the most depressing class of all, because i'm getting an 81% after three essays when i should definitely be getting an A - english is my STRONG point, i'm supposed to be GOOD at this, i'm switching into the fucking major for chrissakes! plus i just spent TWO DAYS studying for a midterm and then didn't nail it like i should have - thanks to the vaguely worded fill-in-the-blank questions. this teacher is not TEACHING. she's smart and she knows how to write an essay but she isn't teaching me how to do that, the book is...i took my last, most-heavily-weighted essay to her before i turned it in and she didn't really have any suggestions, yet i get a C-. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TEACH ME. not to mention i have a one-page symposium paper due tuesday, and those last two essays to COMPLETELY re-haul in the dim hope of gaining a grade point on each.

i'm doing everything i'm supposed to be doing...i'm completely caught up on all my reading, and i'm going to all my classes, and i take awesome notes, and i'm studying like a maniac and i cannot get it right. I'M DOING EVERYTHING I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. i thought that i was getting sub-par grades before because i didn't do any work and didn't always go to class...now i find out it's because i'm just not smart enough. i can't take this. i cannot deal with my life, i cannot do this.

last night i needed some stress relief so i finished all my work and climbed into bed and put on grace so i could cry myself to sleep...and i felt fine. i did, that album is home to me, it's gorgeous. it's the sweetest sad thing i've ever heard, to paraphrase cameron crowe - it's a masterpiece. and the thing is, i had things under control last night...but my english class, ohhh i can't take this writing class. it's made everything a thousand times worse, and it isn't fair. i don't deserve that.

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Sunday, October 21st, 2001
3:23 pm

they were inSANEly good live...so so so so good. so good. i would have driven the 5 hours down there, stayed for the 40 minute set, then driven right back up to san luis obispo...that's how good they were.

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Sunday, October 7th, 2001
11:55 pm
to do:

- subcategory: go to student services/call various places i turned in job applications at.
- finish unpacking the random little boxes in my bedroom.
- calculate all my expenses.
- stop spending so much money.
- buy yvonne a cal poly sweatshirt.
- buy a bathroom scale, a watch, and a broom.
- do all my homework.
- etc etc etc

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7:34 pm
by the way, someone recommend some elvis costello songs for me to download...ryan adams too. and the velvet underground.

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7:31 pm
oh yes, that's right, we're going to see THE D on halloween...*&$@#$#!!!

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2001
8:57 pm
i just finished the final draft on an essay for english.

i'm almost entirely caught up on ALL of my homework and ALL of my reading, which is beyond awesome.

"undeclared" is on in half an hour and john cusack is on letterman.

ryan adams has a beautiful, gravelly voice.

feelin' pretty good right about now.

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Sunday, September 30th, 2001
12:49 pm
i want a tshirt.

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12:46 pm
actually, you know what? i'm not heartbroken about it not being winter...i'm pretty happy about being right here. oddly content, if you will. i'm excited about starting a new quarter and doing the school thing right this time. i'm excited about being here with these people. there are things in my life that i'm not satisfied with, but right now i can let those things go. my mood will probably change sometime soon...hell, it could change this afternoon, i'm so up and down. but still, right now i'm happy with my life, and i can't often say that.

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12:26 pm
i miss winter. i NEED to go snowboarding. i wish it was december.

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1:51 am
you know, it's odd being here in san luis a few weeks after the wtc business. it's like being in a bubble where those things didn't really happen...i don't know. no one really talks about it because this town is made up almost entirely of selfish college students who just want to get drunk and laid. odd odd odd. the only time it's actually happened is during class when we have discussions about it.

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Saturday, September 29th, 2001
12:14 pm
my resolution to go see more shows this year is working out quite nicely: liz and i now have tickets to go see the strokes in l.a. on october 19th. ahhhhhhhsome.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
11:20 pm
let's see if i can recap the past few days...

- crashing classes sucks but it makes you ridiculously happy if you get the schedule you want.
- thank god cal poly students ride the bus for free because otherwise i'd be out an extra $30 a month and that's only if - went nowhere but to school once a day.
- i desperately want a car.
- i love denny's.
- i love liz.
- i love my schedule.
- vikki, joanne, and erin are all much more pleasant if i only see them every few days because i don't live in the dorms with them anymore.
- meghan and kate are much less pleasant if i see them every day because now i live in a tiny apartment with them.
- for chrissake's when do tickets for the san francisco tenacious d concert go on sale icheckeverydayanditdrivesmenuts.

so this weekend should be great. one, we have friday off. two, liz's new boyfriend chris is coming up from san diego to visit and i'm excited to meet him. three, friday night we're cooking a seriously awesome meal - liz's mom's insane macaroni and cheese, plus chris is apparently making cheesecake. this means leftovers, which mean Actual Food in my house for once. four, we're all going out somewhere saturday and that should be fun because alcohol makes everything more fun. five, all of this adds up to: spending time with liz, spending time outside my apartment, eating good food, going good places. wee.

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