liz (firechief) wrote,

oh little sister.

hellakatie624: what if me and you took the williams sisters on
liZamophone: we would lose
hellakatie624: except, we have bats
liZamophone: oh, we'd totally win
hellakatie624: dude, for sure.
hellakatie624: i call serena
hellakatie624: that bitch
hellakatie624: her ass is mine!
liZamophone: i'll clean up whatever you don't go for
liZamophone: we'll teach them a lesson
hellakatie624: and we could have like a high five thing that we do
hellakatie624: after we regulate
liZamophone: and maybe a catchphrase
liZamophone: like..."carter sisters 45, williams sisters love!"
liZamophone: "SUCKAHS!!"
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