liz (firechief) wrote,

"ummmmmmm, is batman crying?"

liZamophone: dude, i totally love julia's away message

weird kid in katie's drug class: "can i draw batman on your paper?"
katie: "umm okay :/"
weird kid: "there!"
katie: "umm is batman crying??"
weird kid: "no thats blood, he just finished fighting the joker!"

liZamophone: funniest.
hellakatie624: hahah
hellakatie624: i know
hellakatie624: and it really happened
liZamophone: along with, "katie: would you like some candy? / julia: i smell pee on you."
hellakatie624: !
liZamophone): hahahahahaa i know
liZamophone: sooo funny
liZamophone: i like the :/
hellakatie624: that kid was fucking weird
liZamophone): hahahahha
hellakatie624: so random, dude
liZamophone: he sounds like he's in 6th grade
liZamophone: that's like elementary-school-styles. nice flirting, dude.
hellakatie624: i think he really just wanted to draw batman
hellakatie624: who am i to hold him back
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